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Posterior maxillary segmental osteotomy for the restoration of mandibular posterior teeth with dental implants: A case report

Dr. M. Narasimman , Dr. M. Rathinavel Pandian, Dr. N. Nithiyarajan, Dr. C.J. Venkatakrishnan


Long term consequences of not replacing the mandibular molars often results in extrusion of maxillary  molars, which precludes the problem of inadequate inter arch space for either a fixed or removable prosthesis. In severe cases a posterior maxillary segmental osteotomy (PMSO) with superior repositioning of the osteotomized dentoalveolar segment to modify and correct the maxillary occlusal plane is an alternative option. This clinical report describes the use of a posterior maxillary segmental osteotomy in gaining interarch space to restore the posterior mandibular segment with dental implants.


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