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Inverted papilloma is a benign epithelial neoplasm arising from the lateral nasal wall and less commonly, in the paranasal sinuses. It is relatively uncommon, accounting for less than 4 percentage of mucosal tumors in this region. The tumor is characterized by a high recurrence rate                             (70 percentage), associated epithelial malignant tumors (10 percentage), and bone destruction. Inverted papilloma is the most likely diagnosis when an unilateral mass is seen in the lateral nasal wall which extends centrifugally into the maxillary and ethmoidal sinuses and through the nasal choana into the nasopharynx. This 36 year old female reported to the ENT department with symptoms of right sided nasal obstruction for six months, right sided blood stained nasal discharge for six months, blurring of vision for three months and protrusion of eye for three months. She was already operated for sinonasal polyposis 5 months before and biopsy report was given as inverted papilloma. She was treated by endoscopic medial maxillectomy and excision of the mass using microdebrider.


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