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Introduction Jejunal diverticuli are rare and usually asymptomatic. Most commonly they are found incidentally on Computed Tomography (CT) Abdomen, during enteroclysis, intraoperatively or at autopsy. Surgical intervention is                       mandatory for its complications such as bleeding, perforation, obstruction, malabsorption, diverticulitis, blind loop syndrome, volvulus and intussusceptions.Case report Here we report a case of 49 yr old male who presented with symptoms of               recurrent intestinal obstruction which did not improve with conservative management. Investigations revealed a                   mid-jejunal stricture with diverticulum. Diagnosis was                 confirmed by laparoscopy. Resection of the segment of             jejunum including stricture and diverticulum cured the              patient. Conclusion Jejunal diverticulosis is a rare disease with its complications being very rare. It should be considered as a differential diagnosis in the causes for intestinal                  obstruction. Though various investigatory methods are            available, enteroclysis and CT Scan are time tested in the diagnosis of Jejunal Diverticulum. Laparoscopy has definitive diagnostic as well as therapeutic role based on the feasibility. Timely surgical intervention is mandatory for complicated Jejunal Diverticulum.


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