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A rare case of mandibular schwannoma



Schwannoma is a benign nerve sheath tumour relatively rare in occurrence and even rarer in sites like  mandible.there are only 45 reported cases of intraosseous schwannoma reported in literature.They represent less than 1percent of benign tumours of jaw.mandibular schwannomas usually arise from the inferior alveolar nerve or marginal  mandibular branch of facial nerve.We report a rare case of left mandibular schwannoma in a 21 year old male patient Patient had a complaints of left submandibular swelling was  diagnosed as submandibular sialadenitis And submandibular sialadenectomy done 1 year back ,biopsy was proved to be adenoid cystic carcinoma.Patient again presented with left mandibular swellingFNAC was not conclusiveCt shows  multiloculated osteolytic lesion of the body of left mandible with erosion of roots of tooth.Incision biopsy - mandibular schwannoma.Using external approach through a cervical incision tumour was removed and the defective mandibular segment is augmented using a titanium plate with  preservation of inferior alveolar nerve


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