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A rare case of osteochondroma proximal ulna with cubitus valgus deformity and tardy ulnar nerve palsy



Osteochondromas are the most common benign bone tumors occurring mostly in adolescent age group .  Solitary Osteochondroma of proximal ulna are extremely rare, only a single case of Osteochondroma of proximal ulna with ulnar neuropathy was reported in the literature . We are             presenting a rare case of Osteochondroma of proximal ulna with cubitus valgus deformity and tardy ulnar nerve palsy in a 12 year old girl. A provisional diagnosis was made based on clinical findings, x-ray, CT and MRI. The patient was  operated, the osteochondroma was excised extraperiosteally and anterior transposition of ulnar nerve done. The sample was sent to histopathological examination and the diagnosis was confirmed. The patient was improved symptomatically at 6 months follow up with no residual clawing, no motor or  sensory deficit but Nerve conduction study showed residual ulnar axonopathy.


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