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Abstract : BackgroundBezoars are conglomerates of food or fiber in the alimentary tract of humans and certain animals, mainly ruminants. In adults, bezoar are most frequently  encountered after gastric operation, but in children bezoars are associated with pica, mental retardation and coexistent psychiatric pathologic disorders (1,2,3). Although the            prevalence of bezoars in humans is low, if treatment is not administered, associated mortality rates may be as high as 30 primarily because of Gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal  obstruction, ulceration, perforation and peritonitis.This report describes a 16 year old girl with trichotillomania in whom a gastric trichobezoar resulted in failure to gain weight, iron deficiency anemia, and epigastric mass.Case studyWe had a case of pain abdomen and vomiting. On examination stomach was distended. OGD was done. To our surprise gastric trichobezoar was found. Exploratory laparotomy was done and a contiguous trichobezoar cast of stomach and  duodenum was extracted. Patient did well postoperatively and discharged on 10th POD after psychiatric   consultation.ConclusionIn a child with symptoms of Gastric outlet obstruction and upper abdominal mass bezoar should be considered in the differential diagnosis.


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