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*Dr.P.Amirtharaj, K.Rajeswari and Dr.V.V .


Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) comprises of a group of diseases of the heart and vascular system. The major           conditions include Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) which causes 25-30 percent of deaths in most industrialized countries. India is in a risk of developing more death due to CHD. Hence a Decision Support System (DSS) is proposed to identify the level of risk in Ischemic Heart Disease of a Patient. This will help the patients in taking precautionary steps like following a balanced diet and             medication which in turn may increase the life time of a         patient. The features for prediction are selected after           considering Indian conditions from literature and based on the Expert knowledge from Doctors. Framingham Risk score which has five attributes is used for comparison. Our        proposed system will have seventeen features to be analyzed according to Indian Conditions. The system proposes           implementation of Artificial Neural Network technique to mine the knowledge from Medical data collected.

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