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A case of oxalate retinopathy in a patient with Primary Hyperoxaluria - a case report.



Mr. Murugan, a 30 year old male, the first born child of a non-consanguineous marriage.He was apparently normal until last august 2011 after which he suddenly              developed breathlessness and vomiting. He was diagnosed to have severe renal failure (serum creatinine 10.2 mgdl).CT scan of the abdomen showed bilateral                                 nephrocalcinosis.Patient was diagnosed to have Renal           Hyperoxaluria based on renal biopsy report, histopathological reports and calculus study. Ophthalmic evaluation showed whitish yellow deposits of oxalate crystals superior and            inferior to the optic disc and palor of the Optic disc.Patient is awaiting a combined liver and kidney transplantation from a cadaver donor.

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