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Treatment planning and prognostic evaluation of endo perio lesions - Case series 1Kadandale Sadasiva, M.D.S.,Professor,Dept of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics. 2Ashwath Balachandran, M.D.S.,Associate Professor, Dept of Periodontics.

1Kadandale Sadasiva, M.D.S.,Professor,D .



        Endo perio lesions are one of the most common clinical pathosis which accounts for more than 50% of tooth mortality. These cases require proper clinical and radiographic         diagnosis and meticulous treatment planning which involves both endodontic and periodontal specialty for the successful management. This case series discuss in detail about the diagnosis, sequential treatment planning, and management and follow up of 4 different cases.


Key Words: endo perio lesion; pulpo periodontal lesion;   lateral canals; Pulp pathways.


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