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Abstract : Traumatic injuries to the genitalia are uncommon, in part because of the mobility of the  penis and scrotum-Penile fracture is the disruption of the tunica albuginea with rupture of the corpus  cavernosum. Fracture typicallyoccurs during vigorous sexual intercourse, when the rigid penis slips

out of the vagina and strikes the perineum or pubic bone,producing a buckling injury-The diagnosis of  penile fracture is often straightforward and can be made reliably by history and physical examination- Immediate surgical reconstruction results in faster recovery, decreased morbidity, lower complication  rates, and lower incidence of long-term penile curvature

Keyword :penile fracture,tunica albuginea,sexual                      intercourse,clinical exam 


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{page:Section1;} --> 5.IMAGES IN RADIOLOGY Snap sound and detumescence: Fracture penis, Year : 2007 | Volume :53 | Issue : 4 | Page : 255-256

The Canadian Journal of Urology [2009, 16(2):4568-4575] Fracture of the penis: a radiological or clinical diagnosis? A case series and literature review.


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