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Abstract : Tumours of major salivary glands account for 3-4
of all head neck neoplasms . Malignant salivary gland
epithelial tumours are less common than their benign
counterparts. Muco- epidermoid Carcinoma is the most
common malignant tumor of salivary gland affecting adults
and children. (1,2). 99 of tumours that affect the major glands
occur in parotid .High grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma is
the carcinoma most often associated with facial nerve palsy.
(3) we report a case of 62 yr old gentleman diagnosed with
mucoepidermoid carcinoma high grade with extensive neck
node involvement but sparing the facial nerve .Patient
underwent radical parotidectomy with radical neck dissection
with post operative radiotherapy.
Keyword :Malignant parotid tumour, mucoepidermoid
carcinoma, high grade tumours, neck dissection, neck node
metastasis, salivary tumours

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