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A CASE OF CHOROIDAL HAEMANGIOMA -An incidental finding during routine evaluation for cataract



Choroidal haemangioma is a tumour of varying sized
vascular channels that form a masswithin the choroid. It can
be circumscribed or diffuse. It usually presents in the fifth
decade. Theincidence of choroidal melanoma is 3 in 1 million.
For every 30 cases of choroidal melanomadiagnosed there is
one case of choroidal haemangioma. Diffuse type of
haemangioma is seen in Sturge Weber syndrome. We report
a rare case of choroidal haemangioma in a patient who came
to our hospital for a routine evaluation of cataract.
Keyword :Choroidal haemangioma, choroidal melanoma

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