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Metaplastic Carcinoma Right Breast (Squamous Differentiation).– A Rare Case Report

Alice Priscilla Alice .


Metaplastic carcinoma of breast is a rare neoplasm of  the breast . .Although it is a tumour of ductal type, the predominant component  may have an appearance other than the glandular pattern and it usually  runs an  aggressive course despite  all  treatment modalities. In our case ,65 year old female presented with painless lump of short duration and rapid growth with no other symptoms  of metastasis.lnvestigations revealed a metaplastic carcinoma breast  in cytology with no evidence of local and distant metastasis. We proceeded with modified radical mastectomy of right breast . HPE report confirmed  it as a metaplastic carcinoma with triple negative receptor status and no lymph  node positivity. The patient  was subjected to adjuvant chemotherapy  for 4 cycles of FEC ( 5  flurouracil,  epirubicin and  cyclophosphamide) every 3 weeks since it is triple negative .The patient was followed for the past 8 months ,she had no local  and distant recurrence. She is doing well. The treatment of metaplastic carcinoma breast is yet to be defined.  Inspite of the treatment as like of invasive ductal carcinoma , the metaplastic carcinoma breast has got poor prognosis.


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