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Ruptured Liver Abscess Presenting as Hepatobronchial Fistula - an interesting case report

Ajay Sivakumar J


Pleuro pulmonary amebiasis is a rare presentation of invasive amebiasis. Amebic liver abscess can present occasionally with broncorrhea due to rupture across the diaphragm and formation of hepato bronchial fistula. Thoracic symptoms of cough and pleuritic pain associated with fever and right upper abdominal pain associated with tender hepatomegaly or intercostal tenderness will suggest the possibility of pleuro pulmonary involvement of liver abscess. Medical management of amebiasis with metrogyl is the primary treatment. Residual liver abscess and empyema of thorax if any will need percutaneous catheter drainage. The recovery is good and complete with minimal morbidity and mortality if diagnosed and treated early.


:Amebic Liver Abscess, Hepatobronchial Fistula, Pleuropulmonary Amebiasis

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