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Laparoscopic assisted vaginal myomectomy of a cervical fibroid-A case report



Cervical leiomyomas contribute to less than five percent of all uterine leiomyomas. Cervical myomas exacerbate surgical difficulties. Surgery to treat uterine fibroids includes uterine preservation or involves subtotal or total hysterectomy. Management of cervical fibroids is usually by hysterectomy especially for central cervical fibroids.  Uterine artery embolization and myomectomy can be  performed depending on patients symptoms, fertility desire and the site of the mass. Preference is shifted from an  abdominalvaginal approach to endoscopic or endoscopically assisted procedures to treat uterine fibroids(4). Some of the benefits of laparoscopic procedure over abdominal   myomectomy are shorter convalescence time, lower    intraoperative blood loss, fewer postoperative wound   infections, lower postoperative pain, shorter hospital stay and better cosmesis. In this case, laparoscopic assisted vaginal myomectomy was done. It was a successful procedure with minimal morbidity.


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