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Rare case of NK-T cell Lymphoma of tonsil in a young male - A case report



Extranodal natural killer NK-T cell lymphoma,  nasal type, is a predominantly extranodal lymphoma                associated with Epstein-Barr virus occurring most frequently in the upper aerodigestive tract. It is mostly seen in men in the 6th decade of life. The lesions are usually locally destructive usually confined to the midline of nose and paranasal           sinuses. Biopsy with immunohistochemistry analysis reveals CD 3, CD56 positive lymphoid cells with positive EBV           markers. Early stages are treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy with good results however the relapse rates are high with median survival rate being 12.5 months and less than six months in disseminated disease. We report a rare case of extranodal nasal type NK-T cell lymphoma of tonsil in a young male who responded well to combined therapy with CHOP regimen chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy and is in complete remission since 1 year.


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