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Ameloblastic carcinoma of Sino-nasal tract-A rare case report.



Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare, aggressive, malignant neoplasm with poor prognosis. It belongs to the family of malignant epithelial odontogenic tumor. The most common occurrence is the posterior mandible .clinically it is very aggressive and has potential for extensive local                 destruction. Majority of cases arise de-nova (primary type), but a few cases arise from a pre-existing Ameloblastoma (secondary type) and it is very rare. We repor a case of            secondary type of Ameloblastic carcinoma in a 46 years old Indian female. On the basis of the histopathology report, right maxillectomy was done taking a safe margin of 2 cm and the defect was reconstructed. Since there is no role of                Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, surgical modality was planned.


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