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INTRODUCTION Haemoglobinopathies in          pregnancy are rare inherited disorders of haemoglobin . The haemoglobinopathies has predilection for certain regions and ethinicity. There were two interesting haemoglobinopathies in our hospital which are illustrated in this presentation. CASE First case was a mother who is a known case of sickle cell anaemia , who was admitted for blood transfusion at 39 weeks of gestation. Her both brothers had sickle cell anaemia and one of the brothers died of sickle cell crisis. Her first two sons were found to be sickle cell trait. She was induced with cerviprime at 40 weeks and delivered an alive female baby and the baby was also tested and found to have sickle cell trait. As we were unable to do sterlisation for her, her           husband underwent vasectomy. Second case was a primi who was admitted at 39 weeks with anaemia and persistent indirect hyperbilirubinemia. Her viral markers in liver were found to be normal. The physicians opinion was asked for persistent hyperbilirubinemia and as per physicians advice the patient was referred to haematologist. Haematologist asked for haemoglobin chromatogram and she was found to be beta thalassemia minor. The patient was transfused with two units of packed cells to improve her anaemia status. She was induced with cerviprime at 40 weeks and delivered an alive female baby of 2.8 kgs. Her baby was tested to be   normal with high performance liquid                                               chromatography. CONCLUSION These two cases were            presented for its rarity in this med ejournal to emphasize the importance of haemoglobinopathies. In addition to nutritional anemia haemoglobinopathies should also be suspected in pregnancy, as the management of haemoglobinopathies is different from nutritional anemia.

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