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Evans syndrome is an idiopathic direct Coombs positive autoimmune haemolytic anemia with immune                mediated thrombocytopenia. It presents with                       thrombocytopenia, anemia, neutropenia and pancytopenia in the decreasing order of frequency. The main stay of                  management is medical therapy which includes stabilisation of respiratory and cardiovascular dysfunction, transfusion of blood products and pharmacological therapy. It is rare to come across an antenatal mother with Evans syndrome who goes on to complete term and deliver the baby. A 28 year old antenatal mother who came to our hospital as an emergency was a case of diagnosed Evans syndrome on Prednisolone 40mg BD. She was referred from a local hospital to our             tertiary care centre. She had gone into labour at 38 weeks of gestation. She was treated medically for thrombocytopenia and underwent emergency LSCS (Lower segment Caesarean section). Both baby and mother were normal at the time of discharge.


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