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Primary Angiosarcoma Breast - A Rare Case Report



Abstract : Angiosarcoma, a rare malignant vascular tumor, accounts for less than 0.04 percent of all malignant lesions in breast. The incidence of primary breast angiosarcoma is about 17 new cases per million women. Previously, all angiosarcomas were considered to be highly aggressive but histologic stratification reveals quite different prognostic groups. The  prognosis is usually poor because of the high rates of local  recurrence and early development of metastases. Aggressive surgical resection is the mainstay of treatment. The role of       adjuvant therapy has not yet been well established. This is a case report of Low grade Angiosarcoma of breast, which has a better survival of 91 for 5 years, according to WHO criteria.


Keyword :Primary Angiosarcoma Breast, Histological Grading, Prognosis.


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