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Srividhya E, Sudha Seshayyan


Tentorial notch is a gap in the tentorium cerebel-li connecting the posterior cranial fossa with the supra tentorial compartments of the cranial cavi-ty and transmits the mid-brain, the posterior cer-ebral arteries, and cerebrospinal fluid in the sub-arachnoid space. The dimensions of tentorial notch determine the prognosis of trans-tentorial herniation, concussion, acceleration-deceleration injuries. It also explains the differences in the clinical outcome in patients with similar intracra-nial pathologies. The extent of brain tissue her-niation through the tentorial opening and the brainstem damage depends on the variations in dimensions of tentorial notch and the relation-ship of brain stem to the free tentorial margin. In this study of 10 specimens from the Institute of Anatomy, Madras Medical College, specific pa-rameters were measured and tabulated.

This study may modify the criteria for interven-tion procedures in neurosurgery and may pro-vide data for interpreting the radiological imag-ing of the tentorial opening and its relation to brain stem.


Tentorial Notch, Tentorium Cerebelli, Trans-tentorial herniation

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