Evaluation of anxiolytic activity of ethanolic extract of ocimum sanctum leaves in albino mice

Yesodha S .


OBJECTIVES To evaluate the anxiolytic property of ethanolic extract of Ocimum sanctum leaves in albino mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty six inbred male albino mice weighing 20-25 grams were selected from central animal house. For elevated plus maze t est 18 animals were divided into three groups and for open field test 18 animals were divided in to three groups. Each group consist of six animals. The control group received vehicle propylene glycol (2mlkg) orally, standard group received Diazepam (1mgkg, ip) 15 minutes before experimentation and test group received extract of Ocimum sanctum leaves (200mgkg) orally once daily for seven days. Anxiolytic activity assessed by using elevated plus maze and open field test. The results were tabulated and analysed with suitable statistical method. RESULTS Ocimum sanctum leaves showed statistically significant anxiolytic activity at the dose of 200mgkg after seven days of daily administration (P 0.0001). The results were comparable to that produced by standard drug diazepam. CONCLUSION Ocimum sanctum leaves have anxiolytic activity which is comparable to diazepam. Further studies are essential to prove the anti-anxiety activity of Ocimum sanctum in human.

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