Evaluation of Antipyretic Effect of Azadirachcta indica Leaf Extract on Fever-Induced Albino Rats (Wistar)

Vijayalakshmi M .


OBJECTIVES - To evaluate Antipyretic Effect of Azadirachcta indica Leaf Extract on Fever-Induced Albino Rats (Wistar). MATERIALS AND METHODS - 30 adult male albino rats weighing 200-250 gm were selected and allocated into five roups of 6 animals each. The control group received normal feed and water, standard group received T.Aspirin and test group received ethanolic extract of Azadirachcta indica Leaf . Rectal temperature of the rats were taken before inducing pyrexia. Pyrexia induced by subcutaneous injection of aqueous suspension of backers yeast behind the ear. After 18 hrs of inducing pyrexia, rectal temperature recorded again. The extract was administered to group3,4 ,5 at graded doses of 100mg, 200mg, 300mgkg after the certification of fever. The temperature of the rats were taken at 60mts, 90mts120mts and then recorded. The findings were recorded, tabulated and a n a l y z e d w i t h s u i t a b l e s t a t i s t i c a l m e t h o d . RESULTS - Azadirachcta indica Leaf Extract has significant antipyretic effect. The results were comparable to that produced by standard drug aspirin.CONCLUSION - Azadiraccta indica Leaves has antipyretic effect which was comparable to aspirin. Keyword :Antipyretic, Backers yeast, Azadirachcta indica.

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