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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of murraya koenigii leaves in experimental animals

Arunkumar J .


Objectives- To evaluate the Anti-inflammatory effect of Methanolic extract of Murraya koenigii leaves on carrageenan induced paw edema in albino rats.Materials and methods-Thirty adult male albino rats weighing 175-200 grams were selected and allocated in to five groups of six animals each. The control group received vehicle 2 gum acasia (10mlkg),Standard group received aspirin (200mgkg) and test groups received Methanolic extract of Murraya Koenigii leaves (100mgkg, 200mgkg, 400mgkg per oral respectively) 60 mts before giving subplantar injection of 0.1ml of 1 carrageenan into left hind paw of the rats. The anti-inflammatory effect is estimated by measuring paw volume using plethysmograph. The results were tabulated and analysed with suitable statistical method. Results- Murraya Koenigii leaves showed statistically significant reduction of rat paw edema in a dose dependant manner. Maximaum inhibition occurred at the dose of 400mg kg-1(50.81) after 4th hour of carrageenan injection.(p0.001). The results were comparable to that produced by standard drug aspirin.Conclusion- Murraya Koenigii leaves has anti-inflammatory activity which is comparable to aspirin. Further studies are essential to prove the anti-inflammatory activity of Murraya Koenigii in human

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