Correlation of anemia with Body Mass Index and waist Circumference- a cross sectional study

Jeya Banu M .


Background Anemia is a global health problem that affects populations all over the world. Another important problem the world is facing and gaining great interest to overcome is obesity. Obesity is associated with low hemoglobin levels. The inverse relationship between iron status and adiposity was first reported in 1962, when Wenzel et al.1 unexpectedly found a significantly lower mean serum iron concentration in obese compared with non-obese adolescents. Aim The aim of this study is to correlate anemia with Body Mass Index and waist Circumference. Methods This cross sectional study was conducted in subjects who attended the master health check up clinic and medicine outpatient department of PSG hospitals. 30 subjects of both sex and age group of 20 60 yrs with low hemoglobin level (less than 12 gmdl for women and 14gdl for men), were included as cases in the study. 30 volunteers with normal hemoglobin level (for men 14gdl and for women 12gdl) taken as control group. Obesity was diagnosed based on the WHO guidelines. Waist circumference and height of the subjects were also measured. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated from the formula, BMI Weight (kg) Height (m2).Results The BMI was compared between cases and controls. The mean Body Mass Index (kgm) for cases was found to be 28.594.71 and for controls was found to be 24.103.30. Elevated BMI is associated with increased incidence of anemia with a significant p value of 0.0002. The mean waist circumference (cm) for cases was found to be 98 13 and for controls was found to be 87.3 12.3. The mean Hb level (gmdl) for cases is 9.91.3 and for controls is 14.349.7. The correlation between waist circumference and anemia was not statistically significant, with p value of 0.57.Conclusion This study showed elevated BMI is associated with increased incidence of anemia. There is a positive correlation between anemia and obesity and there is no statistical significance between waist circumference and anemia.

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