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Breast filariasis and Tropical Pulmonary Eosinophilia - an uncommon presentation



A 55-year-old lady presented with left breast mass, left axillary lymphadenopathy and breathing difficulty. Blood examination revealed peripheral eosinophilia. Biopsy of the breast lump revealed an intra-mammary lymph node with  eosinophil rich inflammation and biopsy of the left axillary node showed filarial worms. Computed tomography (CT) of the thorax showed interstitial lung involvement. Co-existence of tissue filariasis in the form of breast filariasis and tropical pulmonary eosinophilia mimicking a breast malignancy with  lymphangitislymphoma is uncommon. There is only one case report of coexisting breast filariasis and tropical pulmonary  eosinophilia in literature.


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