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Background- The industrial revolution has a  disadvantage of causing respiratory impairment through increase in atmospheric pollution and increasing the body mass index among urban individuals. On the other hand  continuing unemployment problems has caused reduction in BMI among rural people. Hence this study on influence of BMI on spirometry was carried out among first and second MBBS girl students of Tirunelveli Medical College who are from both urban and rural areas. Aim objectives- To categorise the study group into four categories based on the BMI (normal, underweight, overweight and obese) and to perform the spirometry. Study methods - This cross sectional study was carried out on 126 volunteers in research lab of Physiology department. BMI was calculated and spirometry using superspiro machine was done. Percentage of predicted values of FVC, FEV1, FEV1FVC, PEFR and MEF 25 was taken into consideration for analysis. Result analysis -This study did not show any significant variation in the above parameters between study groups. This is explained due to shorter duration of the change in the BMI secondary to  academic stresses. Conclusion - Physical activities among  adolescent girl students should be encouraged to maintain  normal BMI so as to have good quality of life.


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