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INTRODUCTION-Inca is the ethnic sign, depicting the triangular architectural monument design of Inca tribes in south Andes America. Among whom, the members of royal family wore a crown like configuration on their head called as Inca..Rivero and Tschudy in the year 1851 first described the Inca bones in the skull, which resembled the tribal sign. Skull is divided as neurocranium and viscerocranium and consists of 28 bones which are paired and unpaired in nature. The bones are fused by intramembranous and endochondral ossification, the suture by synostosis. Premature fusion of sutures will result in bony malformations. Islands of bones formed are called as  sutural or wormian (supernumerary, Inca) bones which are  commonly associated within the lambdoid suture. AIM  OBJECTIVE-To report the skull based variation called as OS INCA with its morphometrical analysis which carries significance during medicolegal examination, while eliciting radiological  diagnosis to rule out the skull fractures, during neurosurgical interventions for burr hole surgeries and while doing   anthropological analysis. CASE REPORT-During routine    osteological session for undergraduate students, we observed a skull with interparietal (Inca) bone) near lambdoid suture. It is of asymmetrical bipartite type and has been reported with its measurements from the nearby bony prominences and foramen, by using the vernier caliper. The observation was discussed with the previous pioneer studies. CONCLUSION-Thus the                 interparietal bone has been made as a case report which is of asymmetrical bipartite type we are recommending a future scope for this study by adding a radiological correlation and also to find out the incidence of Inca bones in our population.


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