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The major blood supply of a long bone is by the  nutrient artery which enters the shaft through an opening called the nutrient foramen. Knowledge of the morphology and           topography of the nutrient foramina of fibula is important as this bone is commonly used for vascularised graft in stabilisation of lost Mandible and spine, reconstruction after tumour resection, etc. In the present study the number, size, position and direction of nutrient foramina of 50 dry fibulae were analysed.                Results - 84 percentage of fibulae showed single foramen, 10 percentage showed double foramina and in 6 percentage of fibulae foramina were absent. Out of 52 foramina 47 foramina were located in the middle one third of the shaft of fibula. 94.23 percentage of the foramina were located on the posterior          surface.


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