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An Unusual Relationship Between the Median Nerve and the Brachial Artery Associated with an Extension Slip of Coracobrachialis



The variations in the relationship between the            brachial artery and the median nerve are common. In this case during our routine anatomical dissection of the right upper limb of a male cadaver of about 60 years, variation in the relation between the median nerve and brachial artery was found. The median nerve crossed the brachial artery posteriorly from lateral to medial side at the mid arm level over the brachialis. Then the median nerve took the normal course. It was also associated with an extension slip from the coracobrachialis, which inserted in to the anterior aspect of the medial epicondyle of the            humerus. The knowledge of this variation is of great clinical significance especially to general surgeons, orthopaedicians, vascular surgeons and neurosurgeons in the prevention of  iatrogenic injuries.


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