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Involvement of auditory pathway is one of the         examples of central neuropathy in Diabetes mellitus which can be assessed electrophysiologically by brainstem auditory evoked potential. This study was aimed to determine the changes of brainstem auditory evoked potential in diabetes mellitus. This study was conducted in Department of Physiology. 40 cases of Type 2 diabetes of duration 5-15 years and 40 nondiabetic controls including both genders of age group           30-55years were included in this study. Individuals with history of ear disease, hearing loss, intake of ototoxic drugs and other drugs acting on central nervous system were excluded from the study. BAEP was recorded in all participants. Results were  analysed using student t test. Absolute latencies of wave III,V and interpeak latency I-III, III-V, I-V were significantly prolonged in study group . The observed delay may be due to impairment in electroconductive properties of myelin sheath due to various metabolic changes that occurs in diabetes, like accumulation of sorbitol, hypoxia and deprivation of nerve growth factors. So, diabetes produces subclinical auditory alterations which can be detected earlier by brainstem auditory evoked potential even before the appearance of specific symptoms.


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