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To determine the effect of tramadol and dexamethasone added as an adjuvants to local anesthetic agents in Supraclavicular Brachial plexus block



This is a prospective randomized
controlled study to determine the
post operative analgesia following supraclavicular
brachial plexus block with
tramadol or dexamethasone as an adjuvant
to bupivacaine and lignocaine in upper
extremity elective orthopedic surgery.
60 patients of ASA I and II undergoing
upper extremity surgery under brachial
plexus block with local anesthetic
agents were randomly divided into three
groups with 20 patients in each groups.
One group received Tramadol (2mgkg)
maximum 100 mg, second group received
dexamethasone (8mg) and controlled
group received 2 ml normal saline
as an adjuvants to lignocaine and
bupivacaine. The duration of postoperative
analgesia was recorded in three
groups with pain Visual Analog score.
Which was determined by maximum
VAS score of 8-10.The mean duration of
postoperative analgesia in the control
group 396.12 minutes, Tramadol group
453.21 minutes and in the dexamethasone
group it was 1028.34 minutes.
Dexamethasone with local anesthetics prolongs
postoperative analgesia significantly
than tramadol (P0.05) when used as an
adjuvants to local anesthetic agent in supraclavicular
Brachial plexus block for upper
extremity surgery.

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