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Zosteriform Leiomyoma Cutis: A Rare Entity

A. Amutha and M. Revathy .



Leiomyoma is a well known benign tumour formed of hyperplastic smooth muscle elements, often encountered in uterus. Here we describe its rare skin equivalent leiomyoma cutis sub type -pilo leiomyoma in a young man. Presenting as papules  and   nodules  over  the  back spanning over T7-T10 dermatomes in a zosteriform  pattern  for  the  past  one  year. The biopsy of which stood the histopathological test for leiomyoma demonstrating circumscribed  non-encapsulated  tumors,  in the  dermis,  composed  of  poorly  demarcated  bundles  of  smooth  muscle fibres  arranged  in  a  interlacing  and  whorled  pattern. Immune histochemistry also confirmed smooth muscle actin positivity.

Keyword:  Leiomyoma cutis, Zosteriform, pilo leiomyoma


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