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A Rare Ca(U)Se of Small Bowel Obstruction-Spontaneous Trans Omental Hernia:

Affee Asma A, Sampath Kumar B, Ashiq Ahm .


Small bowel obstruction is a very common acute surgical emergency that needs immediate evaluation and treatment. The causes are adhesions, intussusception, bands, external and internal hernia(rare). Internal hernias  are         protrusions of  the  viscera  through  a  peritoneal or    mesenteric opening, with the herniated viscera remaining within  the  abdominal  cavity. Incidence of Internal hernia is 0.2%–0.9% and it constitutes upto 0.6%–5.8% of all intestinal obstructions. Internal hernias occur through foramen of    Winslow, paraduodenal fossa, ileocecal fossa, supravesical fossa, trans mesenteric defect and trans omental defect (rarest). We report one such case of trans omental hernia in a 55 yr old male

 Keywords: Small bowel obstruction, Internal Hernia, Trans omental hernia

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