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Diagnostic Accuracy of Hemoglobin Estimation by Point of Care Devices: A Comparative Study with the Automated Hematology Analyzer

Akila R, Priya banthavi S and Pramila R .


Hemoglobin (Hb) estimation for the assessment of anemia can be done by various methods. Each of these methods have their own advantages and limitations. The present study was conducted to assess the accuracy of the commonly used point of care devices – HemoCue 301 and Handyspan, a portable hemocalorimeter to

assess haemoglobin against the automated hematology analyzer Coulter 780. Hb was assessed in fifty blood samples by utilizing the HemoCue, Handyspan and Automated hematology analyzer Coulter 780. The results by HemoCue and Handyspan devices were comparable with that obtained by the automated hematology analyzer Coulter 780. Hence it was derived that the Point of care devices such as HemoCue and portable hemocalorimetry (Handyspan) are as accurate as the Automated

hematology analyzer Coulter 780.


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