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A rare case of mucinous cystadenoma of appendix with pseudomyxoma peritonei presenting as umbilical hernia:an interesting case report

A. Arunvathani, S. Balakrishnan, M. Se .


Mucinous cystadenoma of appendix is a rare condition that develops as a result of proliferation of mucin-secreting cells in an occluded appendix.Mucinous cystadenoma presenting as umbilical hernia is a rare clinical entity.Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a relatively uncommon presentation of appendiceal adenocarcinoma or ovarian cystadenoma.Presentation as hernia is even more rae and can include virtually any type of ventral hernia.We report a rare case of mucionous cystadenoma of appendix with pseudomyxoma peritonei presenting as an umbilical hernia in a 48-year old female patient.The patient had a one and a half year history of a reducible mass in the umbilical region and was diagnosed with umbilical hernia.Ultrasonography and Contrast enhanced computed tomography of abdomen and pelvis were performed and revealed ascites and the hernial defect.Ultimately,open appendicectomy was performed and a low grade mucinous neoplasm of appendix was confirmed.In addition,the present report discussed the association between mucinous cystadenoma  of the appendix and umbilical hernia,as well as the diagnostic process and treatment strategies.

KEYWORDS: Mucinous cystadenoma,appendix,umbilical hernia, Pseudomyxoma peritonei

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