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Arnold chiari malformation with spina bifida

Aiswarya S P, Saraswathy S .


        In Arnold chiari (kee-AHR-ee) II malformation   elongated cerebellar tonsils are displaced inferiorly through the foramen magnum in to the upper cervical spinal canal. It is a complex anomaly with skull, dura, brain, spine and cord manifestations. Meningomyelocele is seen in all cases. We present a case of type II Arnold chiari malformation diagnosed in utero at 2nd trimester. There was no periconceptional folic acid supplementation. As the role of methylene tetra hydro folate reductase gene polymorphism in neural tube defects is becoming evident, a simple opportunity as folic acid supplementation should not be missed. Folate supplementation as fortification of cereal grains will also prevent other conditions like congenital heart defects, urinary tract anomalies, orofacial defects, limb defects and pyloric stenosis.

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