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Arterio - Sinusoidal Coronary Cameral Fistulae from the Left Coronary Artery to the Left Ventricle in an Elderly Male

Amal Paul Paul, George Joseph, Anoop Geo .


Coronary-cameral fistulae are rare vascular anomalies involving the coronary arteries. Most coronary cameral fistulae are detected incidentally during coronary angiography.  Drainage into the left ventricle is quite uncommon. Clinical presentation depends upon the haemodynamic significance of the anomaly. We report a case of multiple coronary cameral fistulae from the left coronary artery draining into the left ventricle in an elderly male, the symptoms of which were probably masked by the limitation of activities induced by significant peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

Keywords : Coronary cameral fistulae,     Arterio-sinusoidal

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