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Cut throat injuries can be suicidal, homicidal or accidental. Suicidal and homicidal cut throat injuries are common. Cut throat injuries are generally caused by the sharp edged weapons or objects. It is not uncommon that kite flying Manja strings also cause such cut throat injury. Kite flying is the common time pass activity of the children. In order to strengthen the kites string, a paste made of glass powder, glue and the grain flour named MANJA is applied on the kite string and dried, before using to fly the kites. While flying the kites, the children attempt to cut high flying kites by rubbing the opponents kite string with the help of their flying kites strin g, to prove their supremacy in the sky. Such cut off kite string dangle in the air before getting entangled in the branches of a tree or advertisement boards or any tall object. When both ends of the cut kite string are entangled and the kite string is taught and positioned across the road, would act as a sharp weapon and cause cut throat injuries especially to the two wheeler riders. Here, we have a case of a four year old child who sustained cut throat injuries by the kite string coated with Manja stretched across the road.


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