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Histoid leprosy is a well-recognized clinical entity, an expression of multibacillary leprosy, characterized by cutaneous and or subcutaneous nodules and plaques on apparently normal skin with unique histopathology and characteristic bacterial morphology. A 50 year old male  presented with multiple nodules over the extremities of 6 months duration and few noduloulcerative lesions over both shin of 3 weeks duration. No history of anti-leprosy treatment in the past. General and systemic examination was normal. Dermatological examination revealed hypoaesthetic,  hypopigmented patches of varying sizes over lower abdomen and lower back. Histopathology of hypopigmented patch            confirmed Boderline tuberculoid leprosy. Slit skin smear,          histopathological examination and fite faracco staining of nodular and nodulo-ulcerative lesion confirmed Histoid leprosy. This case been reported for the rare presentation of ulceration in histoid nodules.


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