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Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Breast Self Examination towards knowledge among Adolescent girls studying at selected schools of Tiruttani.

sivasankari kuppusamy


A quasi experimental study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of video assisted teaching (VAT) on breast self examination (BSE) towards knowledge among 60 adolescent girls selected by convenient sampling technique at Thalapathy K.Vinayakam Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Tiuttani. One group pre and post test design adopted. Semi Structured Self administered questionnaire method followed to collect data regarding socio demographic variables and knowledge regarding BSE. Video Assisted Teaching was given after the pre test and post test was done with the same tool after two weeks. The result showed improvement in post test level of knowledge, calculated paired ‘t’ test value 25.44 at (p<0.01) which was highly significant. The study concluded that Video Assisted Teaching is effective in improving knowledge regarding Breast Self Examination.


Video Assisted Teaching, Breast Self Examination, Knowledge, Adolescent girls.

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